Валентин Савов за жалбата във ВАС срещу наредба №18 и съображенията на бизнеса

Биотехнологичен и Здравен Клъстер България
Платформа дигитализира процеса по продажба на обезпечения по лоши заеми

Valentin Savov participated in a business TV show at Bloomberg and discussed the complaint filed by Savov & Partners with the Supreme Administrative Court against Ordinance N-18 of the Ministry of Finance for the reporting of sales in commercial premises.

Savov & Partners files a complaint against Ordinance N-18 on behalf of more than ten industry and business associations and more than thirty companies. Ordinance N-18 of the Ministry of Finance negatively affects the business models and processes of all businesses in Bulgaria, including online shops, the use of software for registration of sales, ERP systems, etc.


More information at: www.bloombergtv.bg/a/5-videa/74216-valentin-savov-za-zhalbata-vav-vas